This post gives me special satisfaction because its subject – the Scottish crime series Shetland – was recommended to me by one of Lanni’s List’s followers.  It seems that the List is starting to fulfill its function as a forum for exchanging ideas and recommendations!  Warms my heart!  Anyway, down to business.  Why is Shetland … More Shetland

“A rose by any other name”: Great Films with God-Awful Titles

The history of cinema is chock-full of god-awful titles.  No news there.  But how many great films have had to overcome such titles to reach audiences?  More than you might think.  Take, for example, “The Americanization of Emily.”  What was Paddy Chayefsky thinking?!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a huge Paddy Chayefsky fan.  I’ve … More “A rose by any other name”: Great Films with God-Awful Titles

Lanni’s List Launches

It’s official – my blog is live!  25 years in the making, Lanni’s List enumerates nearly fifteen hundred films that I believe are worth watching.  Each entry provides a title, a rating for film elements such as plot, character and cinematography, and an IMDB link.  The List also includes a hundred and fifty fun Sub-Lists like “Fast Zombies Suck!”: Great Slow-Zombie Flicks and … More Lanni’s List Launches