Cinematic Landscapes

How I rated a particular film and a link to the IMDB profile can be found in the full list.

A Sense Of Place: Cities as Characters in their Stories

  1. After Hours
  2. Casino
  3. Christ Stopped at Eboli
  4. City of God
  5. La Dolce Vita
  6. Don’t Look Now
  7. Escape from New York
  8. Falling Down
  9. Little Murders
  10. Manhattan
  11. Mean Streets
  12. The Pope of Greenwich Village
  13. Queens Logic
  14. The Taking of Pelham 123
  15. Taxi Driver
  16. The Third Man
  17. Welcome to Sarajevo

Still Waters Run Deep: Great Films Set in Venice

  1. The Comfort of Strangers
  2. Dangerous Beauty
  3. Don’t Look Now

Night and the City: Great Films about the Dark Side of Urban Life

  1. Boyz N the Hood
  2. Cruising
  3. Falling Down
  4. Fort Apache, The Bronx
  5. Little Murders
  6. Menace II Society
  7. Midnight Cowboy
  8. The Panic in Needle Park
  9. Prisoner of Second Avenue
  10. Requiem for a Dream
  11. Taxi Driver