The Girl with All the Gifts

Girl with All Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts is yet another exception to the rule that, “Fast Zombies Suck!”  Though its title suggests a Lifetime family drama, the film is actually a smart, welcome addition to the horror genre.  Thematically, The Girl with All the Gifts has a great deal to say about humanity’s relationship with the natural world.  In fact, the film is probably best described as “Eco-horror,” for it deftly critiques humanity’s exceptionalism or our assumption that we as human beings will remain essentially unchanged biologically and populate the earth as such in perpetuity.  The notion that zombies are simply the next stage in the evolution of earth’s inhabitants is not only a clever and interesting conceit, but also a profound warning that invites us to look our world through different eyes.  That is not to say that The Girl with All the Gifts plays like a visualization of a white paper written by an environmentalist.  Rather, the story is exciting, the characters are well-written, the performances are excellent and the cinematography is striking.  I’d get over the whole “Fast Zombies Suck” thing and check this one out!


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