Mystery and Mayhem: Great Television Shows Featuring Distinctive Detectives


What’s the best thing about the advent of online media streaming?  Binge-viewing?  Close, but no.  At least not for me.  For me, it’s the access to international mysteries.  Specifically, police procedurals.  Give me a damaged detective, an interesting sidekick, and an engaging rapport between them and I’m a happy camper.  Take, for example, the Swedish version of The Bridge.  Martin is a sympathetic, fallible guy solving murders with Saga, an idiot savant who is brilliant, yet shockingly awkward in social situations.  Because the writing so damn good, the pairing makes for not only hilarious moments, but great drama.  And The Bridge is but one of many international series which would be unavailable in America were it not for Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other online media providers.  I’ve always had access to the best British detectives such as John Thaw’s Inspector Morse and Helen Mirren’s Inspector Jane Tennison through the American television show Masterpiece Theatre.  However, online streaming has introduced me to Nordic noirs like The Bridge and Wallander; Gallic noirs like Spiral and Witnesses; the Belgian noir The Break; and the Welsh noir Hinterland.  I’m talking about hundreds of hours of addictive viewing, so check out my Mystery and Mayhem sub-list with caution, for you’re apt to lose days down the rabbit hole.

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Link to Mystery and Mayhem Sub-List


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