Lanni’s List Launches

jeremy-and-brad-artsyIt’s official – my blog is live!  25 years in the making, Lanni’s List enumerates nearly fifteen hundred films that I believe are worth watching.  Each entry provides a title, a rating for film elements such as plot, character and cinematography, and an IMDB link.  The List also includes a hundred and fifty fun Sub-Lists like “Fast Zombies Suck!”: Great Slow-Zombie Flicks and The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be: Great Films Featuring Memorable Dystopias.  I continually update the list and blog about those films that cry out for commentary.  The List does not represent every film I’ve ever seen, but rather those I think that you should see.  Check out The List.  Agree with my choices?  Disagree?  Subscribe and let’s talk about it!

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