Berberian Sound Studio


beberian-sound-studio1.jpgA neo-giallo about a nebbish recording post-production sound for a giallo. No idea what I’m talking about? Google it. “Giallo,” not “neo-giallo.” “Neo-giallo” I just coined a second ago. And if you don’t know what a “nebbish” is, then you’ve never seen a classic Woody Allen film and probably shouldn’t be reading this blog. But I digress. Berberian Sound Studio, despite the terrible title, is well worth the watching. Why? Because its use of shallow focus to create a suffocating sense of generalized anxiety is an accomplishment of Pinteresque proportions. And because Toby Jones’s performance is sad, sympathetic and all together spot-on. Peter Strickland’s follow-up The Duke of Burgundy, about S&M-obsessed entomologists, isn’t my thing. But Berberian is brilliant. Watch it immediately.

Rating System:  The rationale behind the rating system can be found here.   Scoring is color coded:  Theme : Plot : Character : Dialogue : Acting : Cinematography

Berberian Sound Studio 3: 2: 3: 3: 3: 5 IMDB

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